Industrial IoT SKY Series
Server & Storage Solution

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Rackmount Server
Tower Server
GPU Server
Video Wall Controller


Die 3-5-7 Service-Garantie

1st Level | Dedicated professional AE
for first-time trouble shooting
2nd Level | Strict revision control, key parts fixed, EC announcements
3rd Level | Flexible customization (BIOS
logo, IO offering, BIOS boot priority, bezel tailor-made for customer’s ID)
Longer product warranty policies benefit
specific industrial fields like medical, mil-
itary, and MA (Manufacturing Automa-
tion) applications.
Advantech Server-grade IPC offers this
option to meet the issue of longevity

Advantech Server-grade IPC is commit-ted to sustaining longer product availabil-ity. All the components are selected care-fully to ensure long-life support.

Hochleistungs-Industrieserver und Speicher-Lösungen

With Innovative technologies for the IoT, Advantech has transformed embedded systems into intelligent systems with smart, secure, energy efficient features, with remote manageability, virtualization services, as well as professional system Configure-To-Order Services (CTOS) and Design-To Order Services (DTOS). Advantech SKY series industrial server and storage products include Industrial Server System, GPU Servers, IStorage (Industrial storage) and Video Wall Controllers, from components to systems, providing flexible assembly and longevity. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries, such as equipment building, transportation, surveillance, broadcasting, intelligent video, and industrial cloud.

Advantech SKY Series

Onsite dust accumulated after long-term use could shorten your system’s life or even lead to failure. To cope with this, Advantech industrial servers feature a filter in the front panel that blocks external dust while maintaining air inflow.

Industrial Server

The Advantech industrial server is designed to give industrial equipment manaufacturers high performance, efficient and redundant solutions for industrial environments and critical applications. This product line provides customers with a total solution and value-added services rather than just a regular server product.

Rugged Server

Advantech’s MIC-7900 is World’s first Modular Industrial Fanless Server, based on Intel Xeon-D architecture.
MIC-7900 fanless ruggedized design supports a wide input power range, ensuring the durability to withstand harsh industrial environments.
Advantech i-modules are designed to be integrated with MIC-7900 and provide economical and flexible expansion on demand. The MIC-7900’s modular design enables customers to use a single platform for all applications, thereby improving maintenance efficiency, eliminating compatibility issues, and reducing overall costs.

NEU: IStorage

Advantech Industrial Storages (IStorage) are high-performance and cost optimized storage solutions that fulfill the requirements of industrial environments and mission-critical industrial applications. Advantech storage server solutions have comprehensive fault-tolerant capability with H/W RAID and online expansion capability via JBOD to ensure the highest pos-sible data availability.


Advantech, a world leader in industrial computers, not only provides global customers with high-tech, high quality embedded system platforms, but also fulfills its customers’ needs with the value added services of on-demand production, global logistics, and technical support. Matrox and Datapath, two of the industry leading suppliers of display solutions, are well known for next-generation video wall solutions based on high performance, high flexibility, and multi-channel video signal series products. Aiming at offering premium solutions for video wall system integrators, Advantech, Matrox, and Datapath are jointly launching a series of video wall controllers by integrating and fine tuning industrial servers with graphic and video capture cards under strict and comprehensive compatibility, performance, and reliability verification. Enhanced by Advantech’s global service network, the new partnership offers video wall integrators unprecedented turnkey solutions and added value.